Sanral mum on dodgy e-toll terms

2012-02-07 07:39

The SA National Roads Agency Limited remained silent on Monday on questions about the terms and conditions for motorists registering for e-tolling.

Consumer Commissioner Mamodupi Mohlala recently reportedly found the terms "excessively one-sided in favour of the supplier, and as such... not in line with the spirit of the Consumer Protection Act".

She said a clause in the conditions which allowed Sanral to get information from any institution concerning applicants where they had an account, was a violation of consumers' right to privacy.

"There should be some restriction to the kind of information to which a service provider may have access as long as it relates to the nature of the account or to the core business," Mohlala continued.


In January, 2012, Sanral announced that e-tolling, which was meant to begin in February, 2012, had been put on hold to address public concerns and petitions sent to transport minister Sbusiso Ndebele.

Anti-toll petitions were submitted by the Democratic Alliance, the Congress of SA Trade Unions and the SA National Civics Organisation.

The announcement of the e-tolling system was met with wide criticism and outrage when it proposed that light motor vehicles with an e-tag account would pay R0.49/km to use the toll roads, minibus taxis R0.16/km and motorcycles R0.30/km. Vehicles without an e-tag would be charged R0.66/km.

The Cabinet later approved reduced toll tariffs for the Gauteng highway tolling system.


E-toll account registration started in November, 2011, with registered users depositing R50 into their account to create an initial balance.

Cosatu urged motorists not to buy e-tags and waraned that if tolls were not scrapped Cosatu would encourage people to drive through the tolls without paying, the intention being to drown the courts in transgression cases.

Meanwhile, a number of organisations were reportedly planning to take legal action against Sanral in an attempt to stop e-tolling on Gauteng's freeways.

The Road Freight Association said a group of industry players would take legal action against Sanral and that the legal documentation would be finalised in a few weeks.


  • Ebon - 2012-02-07 09:25

    This story just disgusts me more and more each day. Look, we need to face facts: The highway system in Gauteng needed to be upgraded and maintained. Absolutely no question there. And someone needs to pay for it. But this is no excuse for a bunch of worthless "tenderpeneurs" to climb onto the bandwagon and milk the public for billions of rands on the side. This project was supposed to be about building the future of our country. Instead it has become about a bunch of greedy pigs who just want to get fat at our expense, without ever adding any value. The guys (and girls) who built the roads deserve our kudos for a hard job well done, but the corrupt money grubbing leeches at the top who only ever saw dollar signs in their eyes, belong in a cell together with the likes of Schabir

      chasgibbons - 2012-02-07 14:56

      I agree - except that Shabir is playing golf - too ill to be in prison, but not ill enough to be in hospital? The whole legal system and laws of this country is a sham!!

      Peter - 2012-02-08 08:08

      While I agree that someone needs to pay, the fact is we already have. A large portion of the fuel levy that we pay is allocated to a road fund (not the RAF). It is about 20% of the pump price we pay and considering SA pumps 20 billion liters of fuel a year, there should be plenty in the fund to pay for the upgrades. I’m sick of hearing about the Billions of Rands that are unaccounted for which is ultimately passed onto us to pay for. Enough already.

      Trevor - 2012-02-08 19:41

      One HUGE mistake you making, it was corrupt from the start, you think the roads were build with SA's interest at heart....not likely....the contracts for building the roads and the e-toll system, go have a look at who was involoved...it the who's who of the ANC Elite,mostly Ministers with sideline interests so this was just like the Defence Saga...a way of making a very few, even richer...if I pay tolls then I want my income tax, fuel tax and licencing dropped, both of which are allocated to build and maintain our roads...so no, no "congrats" to any of these frogs....

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