Ranger Odyssey: Wisaal Anderson

2013-07-17 15:05

The Ranger Odyssey will forever be the journey that unveiled the African continent to me, a dream that eluded me for all the years of my life.

Meeting an entire village of Masai people in Kenya, the endless flatness and serenity of the Makgadikgadi Pans in Botswana and a choir of girls singing to us at their humble school in Mozambique - moments I have banked in my heart forever.


At the start of the Odyssey I couldn't wait to tick Africa off my bucket list but the truth is that she's left me with an insatiable hunger for more. When, how and where is up in the air but I do know for sure I will be back.

Just a month and a half ago I'd never been behind the wheel of a 4x4 in my life. I wasn't really that interested, I didn't think it was me.

The Ford Ranger introduced me to the nooks and crannies of Africa I simply would not have been able see otherwise.

Through Africa's mud, sand, rain, rocks and even kilometres of crater-sized potholes, the Ranger just kept going through, over and beyond it all every time. She's tough but she's also smart and safe, making this package quite a dream.