Ranger Odyssey: Alex Cruickshanks

2013-07-17 15:05

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From inception, Kenya showed us the spirit of "Harambee" (let us all pull together) and it set the bar that grew to become the unspoken mantra of the Odyssey.

The group was incredibly diverse, yet somehow our differences complimented each other like a puzzle and we performed as a unit - everyone contributing to the overall success that is the showcase of the Ford Ranger and its unrivalled abilities.

The Odyssey has revealed the diverse, unprecedented beauty of my mother continent, altered my perspective of life drastically and filled me with the confidence to pursue my dreams of adventure using the Odyssey as a platform.

The true strength of the Ranger lies in its accessibility to the average vehicle driver, showcased by the ten contestants that tackled all types of conditions, the toughest 4x4 driving one can ever hope to overcome.

The route was harsh and unforgiving but the Ranger stepped up with the necessary credentials every single time.