Ram raider gets driver's goat

2012-05-09 08:44

RADKERSBURG, Austria - Police here were startled to get a call from a car driver calling for help after being hijacked.

By a goat.

Gunther Hauser had to brake on his country drive when he was faced with a goat blocking the road. He got out of his vehicle to chase the animal away but instead it jumped inside his car.

To make matters worse, the horned-hijacker refused to leave and began eating his seats. After being bested by the beast Hauser trudged off to a local farm for help, only to suffer the indignity of being chased away as a suspected burglar.


Perhaps if he had not left his doors open he wouldn't have felt like such a silly billy… anyway, with his dignity clearly lost to a goat making a meal of his car's cabin, Hauser called the police citing he had been "hijacked".

When police arrived they rounded up local farmhands to remove the ram raider and take it back its enclosure.

Hauser said: "I had to take a picture of the goat because my insurance company would never have believed me."

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