R76m pothole checklist for the UK

2012-04-11 12:27

Rules for dealing with potholes have been officially rolled out in England and, given how widespread these road traps are, perhaps our South African government officials should consult the little list cobbled together by their peers?

Pretoria has, after all, rolled out its own "pothole-free" campaign in the Tshwane metro, although the results may be harder to gauge.

In the UK, however, The Pothole Review is part of a £6-m (R76.6-million) Highways Maintenance Programme – over the next four years – and looks at the best ways to fix potholes and prevent them appearing in the first place.


According to the review, there are three things to consider when it comes to potholes.

Preventing potholes is best and intervening at the right time will reduce the amount of potholes forming. Fix the pothole the correct way the first time (rather than just filling the hole with sand and stone and topping the mixture with a bit of black stuff) to avoid continuous bills and communicate what’s being done to road users. 

Matthew Lugg is the president of the association of directors of economy, environment, planning and transport that led the Pothole Review and said: “This Review has focused on key principles and strategies to reduce potholes in the future. There are a number of key recommendations, which when implemented by the highway sector will lead to more effective outcomes for the highway users and the economy."

Looks like a plan to us...  And we're sure the Northwest University professor planning to sue the government would agree.

  • PieterJ100 - 2012-04-11 13:25

    Go check this out, company has just launched in South Africa: http://vimeo.com/12231437 Im sure this can resolve a lot of the problems we have.

  • Pearl - 2012-04-11 15:32

    Potholes in the UK??? i thought they are only in third world countries.

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