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Pullman still plutocrats choice

2008-09-25 07:40
The latest S 600 Pullman is hardly the most incons

The latest S 600 Pullman is hardly the most inconspicuous way to commute to the office. Being bullet proof and incomparably luxurious it makes a welcome break from flying to work in the company helicopter though.

Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Mercedes-Benz
Model S-Class Pullman
Engine 5.5-litre V12 turbo
Power 380kW
Torque 830Nm
Mercedes-Benz has taken bullet proof build quality to a new level with its latest S 600 Pullman Guard limo.

Mercedes-Benz’s special-protection unit has been producing limousines for despots, military rulers and even surprisingly decent politicians since 1928.

During the 1960s you simply were not part of the cold war dinner club scene in Geneva if you had anything less than a Mercedes-Benz Pullman 600 parked at your stately residence back home.

Celebrating 80 years of elite motoring this year, Mercedes is pleased to showcase its latest S 600 Pullman Guard state limousine

Safest way to survive the credit crunch

Like the luxuriously spacious open-plan Pullman railway coaches after which it’s named, the new S 600 Pullman Guard treats its occupants to a travelling environment characterised by generous accommodation and insulated comfort from the world they rule over.

Thanks to a 4.3m wheelbase interior space is palatial, and with an overall length of 6.3m parallel parking nearly impossible.

Furthermore, the new state limousine is equipped with a higher rear roof for easier access and greater headroom. Four passengers can be accommodated in the rear compartment behind the partition in comfortable seats whose face-to-face arrangement recalls the great Pullman tradition.

This face-to-face seating arrangement is great for calling your opponents bluff commuting to UN headquarters during an international diplomatic crisis.

The visual centrepiece of the onboard information system is a newly developed 19-inch flat-screen display with a 16:9 aspect ratio (widescreen format), outstanding contrast and colour depth. It is housed behind the rear-facing seats and deploys when required.

The system, which is able to show DVDs, digital TV and other video sources in excellent quality and also offers connectivity for USB memory sticks and MP3 players, is operated by means of a convenient, high-quality control unit with an integrated 6.1-inch touch-screen display and DVD drive housed in the centre console between the rear-facing seats.

Pretty (perhaps not) tough (undoubtedly)

Wearing armour and being considerably larger than a standard S 600, measures to reinforce the vehicle structure were included right from the design stage.

Suspension design has seen links between bodyshell and damping components reinforced, an additional strut brace placed between the front suspension struts, two additional steel springs added to the rear and larger, twin-calliper brakes assisting deceleration.

These measures provide a sound structural basis for the installation of the heavy special-protection elements which endow the S 600 Pullman with B6/B7 ballistic protection properties, which means pesky insurgents with their AK-47s should scratch up the paintwork at worst. The fuel tank reseals if perforated by shrapnel too – clever.

Mercedes-Benz’s special protection unit prefers to design from the ground up instead of retro-fitting vehicles with armour - even roof frame struts, door locks, door gaps, exterior mirror mountings and other components are incorporated into the security design concept from an early stage.

Ensuring the Pullman can make a quick getaway is Merc’s 5.5-litre, bi-turbo V12, producing 380kW and 830Nm.



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