Province to show crash videos

2011-12-06 14:45

Cape Town - Western Cape departments of community safety, transport and health have re-launched the Safely Home campaign to clamp down drunk on driving during the Christmas season.

This campaign will focus on visibility, enforcement and education on all routes in the Western Cape.

The Safely Home campaign calls for an integrated law-enforcement approach and, since its introduction in 2009, has reportedly reduced road deaths by 23%.

The transport ministry will erect more than double the usual number of roadblocks over the two-month period. It plans to conduct 325 roadblocks and estimates 320 000 vehicles will be pulled over.


The province also outlined a plan to allow the public to view CCTV video of road accidents as part of the Safely Home campaign to educate drivers on the dangers of reckless driving.

Transport department spokesman Steven Otter said: “It is to create safety awareness. Some people don't understand the consequences of drunk driving or using a cellphone while driving. This is an attempt to influence driving behaviour.”

"Sometimes drivers on the road treat it like a game. The campaign and the footage will show the consequences of their actions."

Otter said the department is currently in deciding on whether to use the footage on Television.

Click here to view one of the videos posted on the departments website. You can also view the clips on the Safely Home campaign website - safelyhome.westerncape.gov.za.

Peak dates for the Safely Home blitz:
December 9
December 15/16
December 22/23
December 26
December 31
January 1/2
January 5/7

  • jason.dutoit - 2011-12-06 12:06

    six minutes late already...

  • jason.dutoit - 2011-12-06 14:08

    still not up

      Les - 2011-12-06 17:31

      OK droplet, they site is up and the images are clinically clear. Think it will make any difference to your driving behavior of people you know?

  • milton.tico - 2012-09-25 12:39

    No gud so dat ppl wil c dat ds is crus am hapy abt dat

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