Potholes bringing you down?

2012-02-14 06:10

Playing pothole dodgem? You’re not alone; millions have resorted to performing dangerous driving manoeuvres to avoid hitting potholes.

In a survey commissioned by Kwik Fit, 38 percent of British drivers confessed to employing dangerous tactics to dodge potholes. One in five of the drivers surveyed also admitted swerving towards oncoming traffic to avoid a crater.

It’s not hard to believe, then, that 7.6 million of the driver’s polled suffered pothole damage to their cars in 2010, spending the equivalent of R5.3 billion to repair their wheels and tyres.

Drivers also reported braking excessively (13 percent), hitting kerbs (four percent) and mounting pavements (also four percent) to avoid craters.

According to the research, the majority (58%) of pothole-related punctures are “slow punctures” and drivers who’ve hit potholes are advised to keep checking their tyres for damage.