Pothole victim to sue province

2012-03-26 11:20

PRETORIA - A North West University Professor who missed his mother's funeral because his Merc his a pothole at 100km/h plans to sue the province.

Professor Wannie Carstens, head of the language faculty at the Potchefstroom University, was driving to Upington earlier in March 2012 when his Mercedes hit a pothole. The damage shreded both left tyres, Beeld reports.

Carstens said: "I was driving at a speed of about 100km/h. We hit the pothole about 15km outside Ottosdal, it was still dark outside."


His car had to be towed to Klerksdorp and although the tyres were replaced, Carstens was unable to continue his journey due to  damage to his vehicle's chassis and wheel rims.

Carstens said: "My brother was upset, and my sister was in tears."

He wants to sue the province for R6000 for the damage to his car, but says nothing can compensate him for the emotional loss of being unable to attend the funeral of his mother.

North West roads and transport department spokesman Matshube Mfoloe said the road Carsten's travelled on was in need of major repairs but there is no funding available.


  • Sheda - 2012-03-26 21:33

    R6000.00 for 2x Merc tyres and a tow-in. He must hook me up with his guys. It cost me R9000.oo excluding my mag repairs (another R2000.00)

  • don.odendaal - 2012-03-27 10:05

    I travel on this road also and some parts it is more like driving on a sand road with tar islands I tend to keep my speed to 80 or below as you never know when the next pothole will appear especially in the dark

  • Vickers - 2012-03-27 13:48

    Sue the pant of them. And if you get their pants, go through their pockets, you will probably find the unavailable funding lining it.

  • Shaun - 2012-03-27 20:03

    The North West back roads are very nasty...I just missed a 2m x 1m pothole with a small ditch so it was difficult to see it, last year on the road to Derby. I won't know what would've happened if I got stuck with the family on that road. Next thing we get stopped in Derby, to check my divers licence. So I ask the traffic officer whats with that massive potholes, don't the municipality fix the roads. So he told me that is why there is big warning signboards on the road. Neither to say the officer never reconised our number plates, ask me where we from? Anyone knows what registration plate is CA from, duhhh? As a warning to other motorist they sit in that "bus stop shelter" just as you enter Derby with a speed camera. Lucky my TomTom warned me. Stick to the 60km/h sign. Sue them proffessor, I support you!

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