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Porsche's flying pig Ring record

2009-07-14 08:17
Porsche’s Quasimodo saloon, the Panamera, has been dynamically certified with a new Nurburgring lap record.

It might be sinfully unattractive and oddly proportioned, yet the Panamera, in turbocharged form, has clipped all the Nordschleife’s apexes in a time of 7 minutes 56 seconds. This means the Panamera bests previous record holder, Cadillac’s CTS-V, by three seconds.

The Panamera’s achievement is even more remarkable – and suggestive of its road holding ability – when you consider the numbers on paper are all in favour of the Cadillac.

Panamera is 65kg heavier and makes 42kW less power, yet outruns the CTS-V all the same, whilst absolutely obliterating BMW’s M5 by being 17 seconds quicker around the 20.8km track.

Disconcertingly the Panamera’s time matches its 911 Turbo sibling, which is indicative of the formidable dynamic prowess of the four-door car.

Considering the epic scale of Porsche’s current financial malaise, small victories like a Nurburgring lap record go a long way to counter the slew of negative financial news emanating from Zuffenhausen

If you’re keen to indulge in the most resolved four-door performance car available, and have no qualms driving around in the most ungainly looking thing with four wheels, Porsche’s Panamera will go on sale locally in the last quarter of this year.

Just don’t mention Nissan’s GT-R lapping the Nurburgring in 7 minutes 26.4 seconds though…


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