'Plug and drive' GPS log book

2012-05-31 06:34

Still using a traditional log book nestled in your car's cubbyhole to keep track of your business road travel? A new product claims it will take the hassle out of claiming expenses through self-tracking on GPS.

Compiling forms detailing your accumulated kilometres to claim back from a company or the tax man can be a painstaking process. Business owners often need to track a vehicle's every movement to substantiate billable hours to clients and that can result in submitting detailed log sheets.


A new product in South Africa's claims to make tracking and submitting business travel claims more efficient. The GPS Logbook is small device that plugs-in to your vehicle and records your journey, logs GPS co-ordinates and allows you to check your kilometres in spreadsheet form when plugged into a PC/laptop/smart phone.

This allows you to generate claim forms with minimal effort. The GPS logbook allows you to view your trips via Google maps and

Visit www.gpslogbook.co.za for more information.

  • Mandy Casey - 2012-06-01 00:29

    Trip track , have been doing this for years already.

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