Plan to swop Chappie’s ‘eyesore’

2012-02-24 08:01

Cape Town - Western Cape transport minister Robin Carlisle has released 3D images of a new control building planned for Chapman’s Peak on the Hout Bay coast.

The new building will be built over a disused quarry along the scenic road.

According to the Carlisle, the building will be used to manage Chapman’s Peak operation such as tolling, roadside monitoring through CCTV cameras and act as a weather station.


Carlise said: “We are making these drawings public because they provide an opportunity for people to make up their own minds about what is being built, as opposed to the 'luxury concrete monstrosity' depicted in certain media."

The building will also be used as base of operations for the removal of alien vegetation, and conducting maintenance along the route.
Carlise said:  “The building was designed to be functional and efficient and as unobtrusive as possible, while providing dignified and secure working conditions for staff.

Chapman's Peak

NEW TOLL BOOTHS: A proposed image of the completed Noordhoek side of the Chapman's Peak toll complex that is currently under construction.

“It will also replace the current unsafe and uncomfortable eyesore of containers lumped on top of each other,” he said.

  • attie.cilliers - 2012-02-24 12:51

    The building site or so-called disused quarry was used as a stockpile store for all the catch fence equipment and spare material. I guess they will now find or create another 'disused quarry' - or expand the current site...

  • francoisswart0 - 2012-02-24 13:03

    Spot on Attie. This site will also not just fit perfectly into the current "eyesore" of a quarry. They will ruin the vegetation on each side during contruction and cause a lot more damage to the environment once it is completed.

      keith.gough - 2012-02-24 17:20

      Oh please, this is far better than what we currently display on Chappies to the tourists. The whole furore has been a storm in a tea cup by neo liberal bunny huggers.

      francoisswart0 - 2012-02-27 14:31

      @keith.gough I agree that this looks better than the current eyesore in the national park, hell, by that rationale why don't we get a Top notch architect to design the most modern looking f-off construction ever? This is a eyesore because they are expanding the building in a National Park. I live in Houtbay and drive past it all the time. You come down to Cape Town once a year? Did you know that on another site just down the road from the toll booth they are going to build a R54million head office for Entilini , the tollbooth operator, half of which is coming from taxpayer's (that's me and you keith) money? Also in the national park. Sure it will be an awesome looking building (you'd expect that from R54mil) but it is a national park not a urban site earmarked for development. Don't mind paying the toll, someone needs to upkeep the road but the buildings are gonna have a serious impact on the fragile environment and is a waste of taxpayers money. It is not a storm in a teacup and the angry people are the residents of Houtbay, not neo liberal bunny huggers you @%#$

  • Vickers - 2012-02-25 14:08

    No matter how hard you try. Any toll booth will be an eyesore.

  • Grant - 2012-02-27 09:13

    It seems like the new construction will be better than is currently there, so the only real complaint is about the toll booth. If you want to complain about tolling; come to JHB.

  • Anton - 2012-02-27 09:51

    you are a naieve fool if you think that it is going to look like that. Artists impressions of even the worst Joberg Tuscan hell holes look nice.

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