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Party girl Paris’ supercar gift

2011-02-16 13:16

HAPPY PRE-BIRTHDAY!: Paris gets a super gift ahead of her 30th birthday.

Paris Hilton sure is a lucky girl – the socialite received a bright yellow Lexus supercar as a gift ahead of her 30th birthday.

Hilton’s boyfriend gifted the Lexus LFA to the socialite at her mansion on January 15, a day after the couple shared elaborate Valentine’s Day celebrations, the London Daily Mail reported.

Paris had a camera crew in tow since she’s currently filming a new reality TV show and is reported to have given her new wheels a cursory walkabout before excitedly thanking her beau.

The hotel heiress already has an enviable garage, including a customised pink Bentley Continental GT.

The V10 LFA supercar from Lexus is highly desirable as only 500 units will be built over the car's production cycle.

It is powered by a 412-kW 4.8-litre V10 with 480Nm of torque on tap. The LFA has a top speed of 325kph and it goes from zero to 100kph in a dizzying 3.6 seconds.

Lexus South Africa previously announced that fewer than five LFAs will be available in South Africa.

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