Panic: It's Snakes on a Bus!

2012-06-15 09:49

HANOI, Vietnam - A bus travelling through central Vietnam was evacuated when dozens of poisonous snakes escaped from a sack.

The bus stopped soon after setting off from Da Nang on its way to Quy Nhon on June 13 after a passenger saw a snake at her feet, the newspaper Tuoi Tre reported.

Passenger Huynh Thi Diep said: "I felt something tickle my legs and saw a snake."

Diep screamed and alerted other passengers, according to the report.


The snakes, all common kraits, were caught or killed and reportedly nobody was bitten. The snakes escaped from two sacks given to the driver for delivery en route. The driver said he did not know the contents of the sacks.

A police investigation was under way to find the reptiles' owner.

Kraits are the most common species used to make snake wine in Vietnam.


  • Mogo - 2012-06-15 11:09

    Hahahaha, First thing that came to mind was Leon Schuster's film :D

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