Oz nightmare: It's raining sheep

2012-06-01 08:22

Sheep plunged onto cars on a busy Australian highway after a truck carrying 400 livestock crashed while crossing an overpass near Melbourne.

Dead and injured sheep fell onto two moving cars and into the path of others. Police said one of the vehicles rolled numerous times but the occupants were not injured.

Police said: "The truck is hanging over the overpass just above the Princes Freeway. A number of sheep have fallen to the road below, hitting two vehicles."


A woman, whose car was hit by sheep, said: "There was nothing we could do. They were, like, literally on top of us. We just ran straight into them. We all screamed. I slammed on the brakes and we are so lucky. My car is an absolute write-off but the sheep, I feel so bad for them. It's horrific, it really is."

A driver said: "We looked up and we could see the truck flip on its side. The next minute we were underneath and it rained sheep.
"Raining sheep doesn't happen every day."

Footage of the crash showed the truck hanging precariously off the overpass with dead sheep in the wreck and littering the road below. The truck driver was uninjured.

Police said the crashed truck had rolled over on a bend and that there was reportedly no other vehicles involved in causing the accident.

Watch the video below: