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Owner scores with Beckham’s TVR

2010-09-07 09:40

Just a name. Makes your car increase threefold in value though – even if it is a TVR which you can’t really get a secure supply of parts for…

Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer TVR
Model Cerbera 4.5
Engine 4.5l V8
Power 313kW @ 6 750r/min
Torque 515Nm @ 4 500r/min
Transmission Five-speed manual
Zero To Hundred 3.9 sec
Top Speed 314km/h
Weight 1 200kg
Life just has not been the same since Russian billionaire Nikolay Smolensky purchased TVR and left it in suspended animation since 2007.

Under the late Peter Wheeler’s tutelage TVR came to make some of the most characteristic (and suicidal) performance cars the world had ever since in the late 1990s and early noughties.

Unfortunately the company’s Blackpool facility now stands dormant and the only TVRs you can buy are used ones.

Ballistic Beckham

Fortunately TVRs were quite popular with footballers and in a glaring example of the burgeoning status of e-commerce, a special David Beckham edition TVR Cerbera has been successfully auctioned on eBay.

Originally purchased back in 2000, during David Beckham’s sojourn with Manchester United, the Cerbera in question was surfaced with a special ‘Crystal Topaz’ finish on request from Victoria Beckham.

Despite earning silly money, Beckham still optioned to transfer a sound system from his Porsche into the TVR instead of commissioning a new, customized infotainment set-up.

A plaque atop the 313Kw 4.5l V8 engine is engraved with David Beckham’s name, adding to this TVR’s novelty value.

Beckham drove his nameplate Cerbera for only five years, running up 28 485km.

The next owner kept the car in stowage after purchasing it in 2005, adding a scant 160km to the odometer reading - obviously with the intent of selling it.

It was placed on eBay last month and sold for R790 000 following 62 bids when the auction sell-by date elapsed on Saturday.

Not bad going for a decade old sportscar made from plastic, which usually retails for between R200 000 and R250 000 in the pre-owned market and was uploaded to eBay with a R220 000 reserve price.

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