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No Cayman RS, Clubsport instead

2010-08-02 07:54

Porsche is expected to debut its first Clubsport in a decade and a half at the Los Angeles motor show this November.

Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Porsche
Engine 3.4l flat-six
Power 244kW
Transmission six-speed manual
Zero To Hundred 4.6 sec
Weight 1 277kg
Porsche is poised to revive its Clubsport moniker for a new Cayman derivative.

The new car is set to debut at the Los Angeles auto show in November and should be the first entry-level Porsche to carry the Clubsport moniker since the seminal 968 CS of the late 1990s.

In terms of design and execution this new Cayman should cue many of the Boxster Spyder’s design features.

Clubsport models have always denoted lighter, more dynamically keen Porsches.

To this end the Cayman Clubsport should roll lightweight 19-inch wheels, grant cabin access courtesy of aluminium construction fabric-pull doors (as seen on the Boxster Spyder). In terms of styling the Clubsport should carry over the new Spyder's revised front fascia.

These changes should trim mass down to around 1 277kg for the Cayman Clubsport, whilst the engine is mooted to gain 9 units of power over the Cayman S – tallying a new peak of 244kW from the 3.4l flat-six.

To ensure the required dynamic harmony the new Clubsport should benefit from recalibrated power steering, a rear diffuser (augmented in its airflow management duties by a ducktail spoiler of sorts) and revised dampers, lowering the median ride height by 20mm.

Although a six-speed manual transmission is expected to be the transmission of choice (as opposed to Porsche's PDK) it remains unclear whether the new Clubsport will benefit from a limited-slip rear differential.

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