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Next M5 rated at 425kW

2010-01-11 08:36
Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer BMW
Model M5
Engine 4.4l V8 turbo
Power 718Nm
Torque 425kW
Transmission 718Nm
BMW’s seminal performance car, the M5, will enter its fifth incarnation later this year and the F10-series version will be the fastest yet.

Although the F10 M5 will only come to market in March of next year, Dr Klaus Draeger (BMW’s research and development boss) has confirmed some details concerning the forthcoming four-door supercar.

Controversially the F10 M5 will feature the same 4.4l V8 bi-turbo engine found in the SUV M-cars launched locally late last year.

The reverse-port flow V8 bi-turbo engine has seen additional power (18kW) liberated for the M5 application, with the 4.4l V8 boosting up 425kW and 718Nm of peak rotational force.

Drive will be to the rear-wheels only (we don’t think M5 acolytes would survive a switch to all-wheel drive) via dual-clutch transmission.

With those output numbers it’s hardly surprising to hear BMW claiming a 0-100km/h sprint time of only 4.4 seconds (0.3 sec faster than the current M5) and a 302km/h ungoverned top speed.

The F10 M5 will only be available in a single configuration, the Labrador friendly estate has been dropped.

As a method of achieving a 30% reduction in emissions and consumption over the outgoing E60-series car the F10 M5 will feature a comprehensive efficient dynamics suite.


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