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New Scooby takes 'Ring record

2010-06-11 07:19

With four-time WRC champ Tommi Mäkinen at the wheel Subaru’s new WRX STi sedan has bested all challengers at the Nurburgring.

Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Subaru
Engine 2.5l flat-four turbo
Power 235kW
Torque 431Nm
The most outrageous Subaru Impreza you can currently buy is the limited edition Cosworth fettled CS400. Problem is, it’s a hatchback – something which grates Impreza WRX STi traditionalists no end.

Ever since Subaru’s obsession with reserving its hallowed WRX STi moniker for the hatchback Impreza configuration became a marketing axiom for the enthusiast brand in 2008, things just have not been the same for legions of STi loyalists.

Scooby fans believe, with some justification, that all WRX STis should have their elite badging affixed to a boot, not a fifth door.

After its New York motorshow debut in March, Subaru's been finessing the latest WRX STi for homologation. The result? It's faster around the Nurburgring than any other sedan.

Putting the sedan back into STi

At this year's New York auto show Subaru showed off a four-door WRX STi again, which thrilled fans of the brand no end. Due for international release in the third quarter, we can only hope it will reach South Africa in the fullness of time.

Subaru’s just released footage of its latest four-door WRX STi undergoing final dynamic validation tests at the fabled Nurburgring. In the process of testing various trick bits for the forthcoming WRX STi, Subaru’s happened to break the Nurburgring lap record for sedan vehicles - which is quite a big deal.

The WRX STi in question admittedly featured a large capacity turbocharger and six-pot callipers sourced from the Japanese domestic market R205 Edition model, whilst a lightweight aluminium bonnet from a Spec C Impreza trimmed weight (slightly). They are all production roadcar parts though.

Better car, best driver

Thanks to these modifications the WRX STi’s engine output statistics were raised to 235kW and 431Nm for the ‘Ring record attempt.

As its stand the slightly modified WRX STi in question lapped the Nurburgring’s North Loop in 7:55 dead, which bests the previous record holder – Cadillac’s Corvette powered CTS-V.

In fact, the WRX STi can lay claim to having sullied the performance credentials of essentially each and every German performance sedan on the market, which should fans of AMG, the M-division and Audi’s RS badge a trifle upset.

You probably wonder who was at the helm during the WRX STi’s magic 7:55 run. Subaru’s says it was some Finnish chap by the name of Tommi Mäkinen, which just proves of how little consequence most ‘Ring lap-time comparisons are when you bring world-class driving talent into the equation…


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