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New German supercar coming!

2008-05-28 08:56
Veritas RS III

A small international group of motor racing enthusiasts plans to compete with some of the world's best known super sports car makers by building the brand new Veritas RS III, resurrecting the name of Germany's first F1 team.

"In a strictly limited series - only 30 vehicles per year are planned, the model RS III will likely be offered, starting the end of this year, to well-heeled customers," newly founded Vermot AG, a company counting just seven people, said in a statement last week.

The one-seater will be powered by a 5-litre BMW engine that in its 10-cylinder variant can produce about 445kW and reach a top speed of 347km/h as well as sprint from 0-100 in 3.2 seconds.

The car's claimed weight is 1 170kg.

Based on the roadster's carbon-Kevlar body, it retains some retro-style design cues, while refreshing the appearance for a modern audience.

"The automobile brand will then advance directly into the class of luxury cars and will be named in the future in one breath alongside Ferrari and Bugatti," Vermot said.

According to grandprix.com, Veritas was first founded in 1947 by BMW engineers Ernst Loof and Lorenz Dietrich by converting the prewar BMW 328 sports cars.

Vermot AG said the Veritas was later built directly on the Nuerburgring in 1951, when the first F1 race was held on the legendary German racing circuit, and the car went on to win 13 German championship titles, becoming the most successful German racing car of the time.



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