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New Corolla - Toyota SA reacts

2006-10-11 07:35

Caption: Toyota president Katsuaki Watanabe with the Corolla Axio, a sedan version of the new Corolla range. (Photo: Katsumi Kasahara, AP)

Toyota SA released the following media statement:

"All vehicles go through a lifecycle and the introduction of replacements on a global scale are usually spread over at least 12 months, due to the specific demands of certain markets, as well as start-up production schedules.

This is the case with the new Corolla hatchback and sedan models that are being previewed at motor shows now or in the near future.

A new Corolla has been launched in Japan specifically aimed at the Japanese domestic market and will differ from Corollas sold in other parts of the world.

Toyota South Africa is a manufacturing base for Corolla both for the domestic and export markets.

As such the introduction of the new models has to fit in with global timing schedules and the new models will be launched in South Africa later. No details of specifications are available at this stage."

What this means to you:

  • As Wheels24 reported on Tuesday, a new Corolla will probably only arrive here in 2008.

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