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Suzuki’s new Swift hatch and sedan in SA

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New 911 road racer has 353kW

2010-01-15 08:13
Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Porsche
Model GT3 R
Engine 4l flat-six
Power 353kW
Transmission Six-speed sequential
Weight 1 200kg
Porsche has replaced its 911 GT3 R Cup (launched in September last year) with a newer GT3 R version.

Although the new 911 GT3 R is practically identical to the widebody Cup car it replaces, it does sport appreciably more power.

Bye-bye 3.8

The new GT3 R sees Porsche’s venerable 911 flat-six engine add an additional 200cc, swelling swept capacity from 3.8- to 4l.

Thanks to this increase in engine size there is an extra 22kW of power, with the GT3 R peaking at 353kW as opposed to its Cup predecessor’s 331kW.

One of the most noticeable styling changes over the GT3 RS Cup car it replaces is the GT3 R's lack of LED illumination strips.

Pretty, well, functional

Styling is, as befits a racecar, quite radical and specifically adapted to ensure optimal downforce at speed.

Clothed in ‘widebody’ 911 GT3 RS bodywork, this new GT3 R tracks 44mm wider (compared to a stock 911) around the aft axle.

Factor in the simply huge rear wing, aft diffuser and flat underbody and airflow management on the GT3 R is outstanding.

With the combination of a wider rear track and meticulously finished aerodynamic aids, high-speed stability should be redoubtable.

Cosmetic whale tail spoiler completely overshadowed (literally) by massive rear racing wing.

Easy driving track car?

In an attempt to ensure the GT3 R's performance capabilities are as accessible as possible (especially to amateur enthusiast new to racing) Porsche has equipped the car with a comprehensive suite of driving aids.

Both anti-lock pulse modulated brakes and traction control are present to keep GT3 R drivers pointing (generally) in the right direction on track.

There is even an e-gas ‘throttle-blipping function to ensure engine speeds are commensurate to gear selection when changing down urgently for a tight corner, preventing dreaded spin-locking of the rear wheels.

To ensure the 911 GT3 R sports the requisite handling fluidity and composure, Porsche’s chassis engineers have enabled seven-setting adjustability of the fore and aft anti-roll bars.

Sachs sourced two-way coils and dampers ensure GT3 R’s wheels stay in contact with track surface as true as possible – even on older, bumpier circuits.

Pandering to some sense of driver comfort the steering wheel is telescopically adjustable. We doubt there is an iPod jack on board though...

Expensive toy or bargain racer?

At this point you are probably thinking what's the point of yet another 911 road racer? Well, the 911 GT3 R will be raced in a series based on international FIA GT3 regulations.

The GT3 R's first public showing is this weekend at the Autosport International racing car show in Birmingham.

Customer teams and dashing privateers around the world should be receiving their 911 GT3 Rs towards the end of the first quarter of this year.

The price? A princely €279 000.


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