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2008-11-07 07:56
The latest incarnation of the Z-car legend from Ni

The latest incarnation of the Z-car legend from Nissan features a more aggressive front bumper set-up, crazy French curve inspired headlights and 243kW of power.

Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Nissan
Model 370Z
Engine 3.7-Litre V6
Power 243kW
Nissan’s real world performance coupe – the forthcoming 370Z – is to feature peculiar fishhook headlight styling.

Though the car retains the classic long-nose, muscle car proportions true to its Z-car heritage, the new front and rear light styling treatment is very odd – even for an oriental design.

Industrial designers are still undecided as to whether the new light clusters were inspired by a fishhook, or if one of the designer's elaborate French curve drawing set slipped during the finishing touches.

The facelift really ‘sharpens’ up the Z-car styling attitude, and the evolutionary design is probably weighted more on the impressive side of the impression scale than the regressive side.

Infinitely better interior

Interior design borrows heavily from the Infiniti G37, which should mean less 80s orange instrumentation (Infiniti features stylish dark blue backlighting) and better luxury appointments. The rev-counter is expected to migrate to the centre of the instrument stack in a more prominent position too.

Older fans of the Z-cars might be disappointed to note the cassette player will not be continued in the 370Z range if the G37 infotainment system (with better iPod interface) is carried over.

Bigger motor, seven-speed auto

Mechanically few changes are expected before the official unveiling at the Los Angeles auto show later this month. The new model designation – 370Z – obviously refers to the increased swept capacity of 3.7l which has bumped power output up by 26kW to a peak of 243kW.

Nissan’s heavy duty six-speed manual transmission (bliss on track, purgatory in traffic) is to be augmented by a seven-speed autobox, primarily aimed at city commuter drivers and the Americans.


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