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NISMO GT-Rs for Gauteng cops

2010-04-01 14:10
Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Nissan
Model GT-R Terminator
Engine 3.8l V6 turbo
Power 440kW
Motorists who jump red lights, break the speed limit and generally drive with reckless abandon are in for a rude shock if they misbehave over the Easter long weekend and beyond. 

The Johannesburg and Tshwane law enforcement departments, in a unique joint venture, have acquired six very special police cars.

NISMO tuned for silly performance

The new Nissan GT-R Terminator is arguably the fastest police car in the world.

Developed in close cooperation with NISMO, the GT-R Terminator oupaces even Nissan's own SpecV car by boosting its 3.8l V6 turbo to 440kW (compared with the stock car's 357kW) and capable of 0 to 100 km/h time in under 3.5 seconds. There’s plenty of power to catch the most well-equipped bandit.

The purpose-built all-wheel-drive police car has been specially adapted for the rigours of police work in modern day Gauteng and to match the high-tech and high-speed cars available today that are setting new standards in speeding and irresponsible driving.  It was developed in conjunction with law enforcement professionals. 

Nissan South Africa also hosted top ranking law enforcement officials at the Nissan plant in Japan to oversee the bespoke construction process, where all GT-Rs are hand built by specialist technicians.

GT-R Terminator engines are hand-built by expert technicians at NISMO headquarters in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo.

Cabin trimmed and weapon specced

The interior has been substantially redesigned to meet police needs, including more cup holders and compartments for Glocks and hand-cuffs.  A lot of trim and the usual luxury features found in a standard Nissan GT-R have been stripped out to reduce the Terminator’s weight by 200kg to a club-sportesque 1 550kg.

According to a spokesperson for the Joburg law enforcement department, the new Nissan Terminators will enable law enforcement officers to patrol the new roads being built around Gauteng and protect the law-abiding motorists from the rash actions of “these animals who threaten our safety every day.

"There are some very fast cars out there," he said "and it takes an even faster car to catch them.  Now we have the faster car, they must beware.  They will be locked up when we catch them and we’ll throw the keys away."

Only a limited number of police officers will be assigned to the new vehicles and they underwent various precision driving courses presented by the Nissan precision driving academy.

Interest is being shown in the new South African police car from law enforcement agencies around the world, with law enforcement departments in the United States already cancelling orders for the recently announced Ford Police Interceptor.


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