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Murray's city car tiny - but safe

2011-01-20 07:09

SMALL AND SAFE: Thanks to its monocoque construction, Gordon Murray’s T.27 city car should attain five-star EuroNCAP accreditation when trimmed with airbags and stability intervention systems.

Gordon Murray’s revolutionary new city car, the T.27, has passed its first crash test with flying colours.

McLaren’s former chief of design is passionate about his new city car venture, promising to offer outstanding rear-wheel drive dynamics and unparalleled packaging advantages over its competitors.

In a blunt frontal impact at 56km/h the T.27 suffered zero cabin intrusion during deformation. South African-born Murray was suitably pleased with its performance and sees this as a staging point towards full EudoNCAP crash safety validation.


"It’s a huge step forward for us and iStream," Murray said. "We’d done 160 software simulations during development and this test result matched the predictions."

Murray’s T.27 is powered by a 12kWh lithium-ion battery pack that produces 25kW. The car has a monocoque chassis and is rear-wheel drive, differing radically in configuration from most other electric city car concepts.

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