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Multipla’s Chinese reincarnation

2010-07-28 06:58

Like a Multipla, but with an even uglier grille – meet Zoyte’s Multiplan.

Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Zoyte
Model Multiplan
Engine 1.6l
Power 76kW
Torque 145Nm
Transmission Five-speed manual
Fiat’s Multipla is certainly the brand’s least celebrated product.

Although the first generation Multipla featured rather horrendous styling, the hugely practical cabin layout (unashamedly copied by Honda for its FR-V) set new standards in small MPV people portability.

As production is being wrapped-up in Italy, fans of the quirky MPV need not be in a state of pending depression.

Chinese (who else?) manufacturer Zoyte will continue the Multipla heritage in all but name with its Multiplan.

Naming (and copyright) issues require the Fiat to end production of its Multipla before Zoyte can commence marketing the Multiplan.

The Zoyte version retains the Italian MPV’s six-seater layout and is powered by a 76kW 1.6l petrol engine. In terms of styling – well, try and spot the differences.

What is important about the new Multiplan is Zoyte’s intension to export the vehicle beyond China’s borders.

Considering the company’s Nomad is already available locally, this could mean salvation (of sorts) for Multipla fans.

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