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Morgan to boost capacity by 25%

2010-09-06 08:26

Charles Morgan (centre) is looking to increase his workforce by 25%, as the famous British independent car maker aims to capitalise on its novelty appeal.

The world’s most famous family-owned automaker is doing so well that it needs more staff to cope with an expected increase in production.

Charles Morgan, grandson of founder H.F.S. Morgan, has managed to navigate the brand through one of the worst economic periods in history without having to sell off the company’s independence to fund its survival.

With the company in good financial health, Morgan is now hoping to launch the brand in North America where crash-safety regulations have traditionally proved a market entry barrier for Morgan’s products.

Even passing interest from the American market should see a substantial increase (in relative Morgan terms) in production to meet even the most negligible (in absolute terms) demand.

Beyond the predicted American sales requirements, Morgan is set to launch another model, the Eva GT, in 2012 which should compound the necessity for more hands on the production line.

These changes in the marketing scope and product portfolio requires a workforce increase of 25% over the current 160 personnel hand-assembling Morgans at the Malvern Link facility.

To this end Charles Morgan is looking for 40 good men (or women) to ensure his company can match future production demands.


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