More supercars than life years

2010-09-06 09:08

He has a supercar collection worth more than R50 million, with 30 luxury cars in his garage and more to come.

With four Ferraris, five Porsches, three Lamborghinis, two Rolls-Royces and a Mercedes SLR McLaren in his collection, each with personalised number plates worth more than R1-million each, you would think this petrolhead was quite a successful man.

But student Dhiaan Al-Essa is only 21. And daddy funds his car passion.

A Koenigsegg Agera and a Bugatti Veyron are also to be added to the collection in 2011, spiking the value by 70% and costing Al-Essa’s tycoon father nearly R36-million. A nice 22nd birthday present, some might say.

While some students spend their holidays at the beach or getting a summer job, Al-Essa spent his summer flying his cars to London, Montreal, Las Vegas and New York so he could go on driving tours with friends. 

The engineering student from Riyadh has a custom number plate with the number 070 for each car.

And when his Ferrari 458 Italia was in the warehouse at Heathrow that burned down in August, he was forced to use his Mercedes. "The Mercedes McLaren SLR is my favourite. I love the way it looks and drives and it’s also been reliable for a car out in 50ºC temperatures."

And don’t feel bad for him about the loss of the Ferrari, it’s being replaced by the new Ferrari 599 Roadster, production number 70 of 70.

Al-Essa also said, "I love speed but the limit in Saudi Arabia is 120km/h so I’m pretty limited. When the Bugatti arrives I hope to take it to Germany where you can drive as fast as you can."

Sometimes life just isn’t fair. 

  • lunatic - 2010-09-06 09:33

    I thought i was super lucky being 22 and having my own car. i feel sorry for this kid how is he ever going to appreciate what he has.

  • MR Lover. - 2010-09-06 11:39

    I agree with you lunatic. This kid will never know the value of money. Spoilt brat

  • Lourens - 2010-09-06 11:41

    Jeeslike you're lucky, I was 24 before I were able to own my car, it was a second hand 1300 Corolla 4 speed, still miss it now, and no I am still not driving a super car by far, probably never will in any case, rather spend my money on family.

  • jody - 2010-09-06 12:18

    as all Middle Eastern tycoons (and their offspring),they have no other taste than EXCESS!! he has a great collection, but nothing really special,i.e. a 250 GTO,Muira,300SLR,Bugatti Atlantic..now that is taste.in saying that, i would give my left nut,and a portion of my right as well for his Ferrari 599

  • TP @ JODY - 2010-09-06 12:51

    As usual you have a retarded statement, all those cars are highly collectable classics. What is a 21year old gonna do with them. Tell me when you were 21 would you have wanted a new exotic or a 40 year old one ? Don't come with stupid comments please.

  • NCL - 2010-09-06 14:05

    The tycoon's son writes from Germany: "I feel very embarrassed. All my fellow students ride by train to the campus and I am arriving in my Enzo Ferrari. Is it necessary?" After a few days, he receives a letter from his father with a signed checque included with the following message: "Here, don't be embarrassed, buy yourself a train."

  • Anti-Posh - 2010-09-06 14:23

    What a useless waste of space. This kid is a real douche. Buying all his little toy cars with daddy's money so he can go ride with them all over the world. Schmuck. There's so much more he could with all the free money. Rather help a charity or help fund green projects. Instead he goes all over the world to poison the atmosphere globally and not just local to his country with his emissions. Spoiled brat indeed. Global douche.. like a mega douche, just bigger. Hope he crashes and burns.

  • Hades - 2010-09-06 15:05

    The only pollution here is coming from your backside Anti-Posh. Your backside which is burning with envy!

  • jody - 2010-09-06 15:13

    clearly you have no taste. a Ferrari that has been sold by the thousands is not considered a classic (and i love Ferrari).with that kind of money i would collect proper classics as i mentioned before. plus the return on investment will be better (way better).schmuck

  • Shame@AntiPosh - 2010-09-06 15:14

    Dude, read the article! the kid has it all!do you think he cares about Global warming and charity! lets say he does his bit? then would it be fair to roam the Earth with expensive cars? or do you have another statement to make? Me, i would kill to be in his shoes but with my upbringing! The value of money is what you make of it... and he doesn't make any... so no sense of value!

  • OceanRush@ Anti-Posh - 2010-09-06 15:32

    You numbnuts, are jealous?? It's more fun touring the world with super cars than giving money to the ever begging third world! I know I'd enjoy this kid's life style!

  • peppy maharaj - 2010-09-06 15:43

    My gosh!! Even the tenderprenuers with their wheeling and dealing and embezzling and enriching will not be able to achieve this!!!! Ha Ha - The Zuma clan may prove me wrong with their mining and business deals deals etc. Makes you think, dosen't it!!!!!

  • Big Ant - 2010-09-06 16:25

    This kid knows the value of money. Yep, he knows that dad's money can buy him all the supercars that he want, hie hie

  • 2Jays - 2010-09-06 17:10

    why not...life it's just too short. Live it! Pips ranting about value etc are just plain loosers. a value to you it's not a value to me. You might like hiking but I like supercars so what.

  • hjs - 2010-09-06 17:38

    hahaha , people are so Jealous !!! .the kid is studying engineering and his dad will buy him his own company when he graduates lol ... How many of you will say no to a new superocar every year ? will you say no no dad , i will never no the value of money , give me a 3 series rather .

  • derick - 2010-09-06 19:18

    Anti-posh, would you give all your money away to charities?? no-where in this article does it state they do NOT help anyone?! what if they do? Let me gues, if you had so much money you would give it up for charity and sit in your house all day and do nothing...yeah right... wake up and smell the roses, let the sun shine on everyone, you SCHMUCK!

  • Gman - 2010-09-06 20:52

    Don't hate him cause you ain't him

  • anon - 2010-09-06 22:43

    AS long as he isn't hurting anyone, who cares. The working class don't get that people in that league, if its dads money or whatever, its all relative. Who are you to say he doesn't appreciate it? So what if they enjoy their money by buying expensive cars. My guess is that they have a far greater understanding of the value of money than the people commenting here, which probably explains the reason why they have so much of it. You can see by the comments here who are the people who have insecurities about their probable lack of wealth. Its people like that that never get anywhere in life, all they do is moan and criticise other people who have made it.

  • 25yearOld - 2010-09-07 07:43

    Only managed to get myself the new hyundai i30 as my first car and i am 25 years old, this boi is lucky...

  • brend - 2010-09-07 07:48

    personalised number plates worth more than R1-million each? where can I get 1 of those?

  • MVP - 2010-09-07 08:27

    U are living the Dream!!

  • Fred - 2010-09-07 08:48

    Spoilt brat indeed. And all the people that are now going to berate me for saying so - you are the problem in this world. Worldy goods mean nothing and making it your lifes aim to collect them does not make life fulfilling. I think the happiest people are those that serve people and make their lives a better one. Chasing some bizarre record is just stupid.

  • Wayne - 2010-09-07 09:08

    Lol, got to love all the jealousy here.hahahahahahahaha! you guys make me laugh. If i was him, i would get more cars to make you num nuts more angry, hahahahahahahaha!!!!

  • @Fred and Haters - 2010-09-07 09:29

    some people collect stamps, coins, homeless people, or whatever. Poor and rich is a state of mind. if i cud i wud. dude needs to get him a Yaris tho, with some low profiles and a filter! kicks ass! haha. love my car

  • afcon - 2010-09-07 10:10

    Small Penis syndrome ???? might be part of it and the need 4 speed .....LOL

  • Tycoon - 2010-09-07 10:35

    I'm going to start drilling for oil in my yard. I'll either get super rich or end up digging all the way to Antartica.

  • calvin - 2010-09-07 11:16

    Don't hate the player,hate the game

  • super rich arab - 2010-09-07 12:21

    Gotta Love them super rich Arabs !

  • Ian - 2010-09-07 13:07

    What a sad case imagine if he used the money to do good and help the needy where he comes from. How much more respect he would earn !!!

  • James Peterson - 2010-09-07 13:21

    The irony of it all is that more than likely each of the people on this forum have earned more money than this guy. If daddy has cash that's great, he is a lucky chap. But how much money has earned in his lifetime? Most likely not a cent, but has spent millions. I don't envy this dude, but rather his Dad, cause he is the one that made the Tom.

  • TheG@me! - 2010-09-07 13:26

    I personally think he is overcompensating for something...but on the other hand you gotta give it to the PLAYER his got G@ME...

  • michael - 2010-09-07 13:30

    I am a struggling 40+ dad. Can`t you send or give me some $500 000 to be in your leak

  • lemon - 2010-09-07 14:06

    My word! I would be this kid's father's 15th wife any day. wouldnt mind even if he sees me only once a year

  • Aristocrat911 - 2010-09-07 14:13

    Great cars..........Stupid parents. Damn shame!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bundy - 2010-09-07 14:15

    Lucy little punk!

  • Ford Spiwe - 2010-09-07 14:29

    I suppose they is no limit to stupidity if you can afford it. I probably would be that stupid too if i could afford to be that stupid.

  • Laughing at the haters - 2010-09-07 14:48

    Please guys this kids parents worked hard for what they have and they just giving him hat he want like every parent would....so please dont hate him he was just lucky to be born into that family unlike us

  • @NCL - 2010-09-07 15:22

    lmao, yeah . .yeah yeah That Ni99a is lucky as phuk! Can I polish your shoes, you could just give me a your old wheels, I bet those would be worth something. .

  • Thandy - 2010-09-07 19:57

    Whats the point of collecting super this super cars if you can't do the super speed?Dude you need help!

  • snoopy - 2010-09-08 08:23

    Great stuff. Enjoy the cars dude...they must be awesome!

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