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Merc shows off new safety tech

2009-06-10 12:31
Mercedes-Benz is preparing to unveil its experimental safety vehicle ESF 2009 that showcases a host of new safety features.

The concept is the latest in a trail of ESF vehicles chronicling the carmaker's safety technology developments.

Based on the S400 Hybrid, the ESF features a number of new safety enhancements although very few details are known at this point.

However, the safety developments include an inflatable brake positioned beneath the car that, in the event of a collision, helps to create friction and slow the car down quicker.

The ESF 2009 also has seatbelts with additional airbags built into them and seat bolsters that move the occupants towards the centre of the car when a crash occurs.

Reflective tyres are another of the new gizmos seen on this concept although further details are expected to follow.


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