Man killed in road rage act

2012-03-02 09:47

A car driver has been shot dead during an argument with a truck driver on the M4 near the Montclair off-ramp in Durban.

A police spokesperson said two men were arguing on the road when the trucker produced a firearm, shot the car driver in the forehead and left the scene.


The car driver, declared dead on the scene, was later identified as Richard Duxbury, a resident of Margate.

The cause of the altercation is unknown though a Durban newspaper, The Mercury, said Duxbury was travelling with his father. The report said they heard a bang before being flagged down by the trucker. Suspecting something had happened, Duxbury apparently got out of his car and walked towards the truck and was then shot.

The truck driver remains at large.


  • maureen.kruger - 2012-03-09 22:54

    Thank You to the SAPS for your devotion and hard work catching this Killer. It is but a week past, the pain lingers on, may he rot in hell!

  • lumifi - 2012-03-27 18:18

    Must be one of those lunatic blacks that spread chaos and death on our roads!!!

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