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The cars SA government is buying

"We often complain that government has ridiculous vehicle purchasing habits but the data tells us that expenditure is being curbed."

M7 not happening, M1 perhaps?

2009-07-14 11:16
Not since it eschewed inline engine layouts, has BMW’s M-division been the hub of such controversy.

Since the unveiling of the X5- and X6M in April, BMW traditionalists have been aghast at the audacity of BMW allowing the hallowed M-badge to adorn SUVs.

Scant consolation was found in the fact these SUV Ms were built in the American Spartanburg plant, and not in Germany…

Little wonder rumours of a possible M7 gained credence with alacrity after the M SUVs were shown, especially considering Mercedes-Benz’s recently upgraded S63- and S65AMG hooligan limousines.

Kay Segler, BMW’s M-division boss, has now come out and quashed rumours pertaining to the possibility of a M7.

"We’ve looked at that (the M7) and decided not to do it,” Segler said. "760 with awd is a very strong offer. The M sales would be too small for our total investment."

With the 760Li producing 400kW in stock form, and available with an optional M sport bodykit to appease the image conscious, one can hardly fault Segler’s logic.

Interestingly the idea of expanding the M-division brand downwards within the BMW range has been alluded to. "Give me a year or so to look into the 1 series," Segler responded when quizzed about further M-division plans.


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