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Low riding Insight from Zeus

2009-08-04 07:19
Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Honda
Engine 1.3 petrol/electric
Power 64kW
Torque 123Nm
Honda’s Insight is such a well executed hybrid, even Japanese customizers have taken to it.

With Insight currently the bestselling car in Japan, small wonder Nipponese tuners are developing styling packages for the Honda eco-image machine.

One of these domestic aftermarket styling and performance specialists, Zeus (Exclusive Zeus is the full name, but it sounds too silly), has done quite a neat job of the Insight.

The Osaka based tuner has moulded a neat styling kit for the Insight, comprising new fore and aft spoilers, a blacked out grille and new side skirts – all made of aluminium.

With the Insight's environmentally friendly performance carefully tailored to aerodynamic efficiency, we are not sure how the styling kit would impact consumption numbers.

The most obvious burden on consumption would be oversized alloy wheels rolling high-resistance low-profile tyres, as the case is in the accompanying images. Consequently Zeus has left suspension lowering and wheel/choices at discretion of Insight owners.

The bodykit, even with those garish sample wheels, looks pretty slick for a hybrid, perhaps even better than Mugen’s own rendition shown earlier this year.


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