Livingstone's lorry, I presume?

2011-09-20 15:22

Desire a vehicle more at ease on the Serengeti that between the kerbs at Sandton Square? JACO KIRSTEN compares the new Land Cruiser "Trooper" Wagon against the iconic Land Rover Defender.

  • naolifant - 2011-09-20 16:34

    Kan die massas, insluitend die uwe, het werklik hierdie interessante artikel in Engels? Ek sien daarna uit om dit te.

  • Suckerz - 2011-09-20 16:46

    Editor... Must be a heck of a slow news week for you. This is a link, not an article, and it is in Afrikaans, which is good, but you should have said so.

  • joe bliksem - 2011-09-22 14:28

    thanks heavens i saw your comments that its in afrikaans before i clicked the link.dont want to be wasting bandwidth.....;-)

  • pvuuren - 2011-10-13 14:14

    ai-tog souties ?! ...

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