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Suzuki’s new Swift hatch and sedan in SA

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Lexus to add LFA special edition

2010-03-17 06:51

Considering the standard LFA retails for $375 000, the mind boggles as to what Lexus will ask for its limited edition version…

Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Lexus
Model LFA special edition
Engine 4.8l V8
Power 425kW @ 8 700r/min
Transmission Six-speed
Not content with producing Japan’s most outlandishly expensive supercar, Lexus is preparing a special edition of its LFA – presumably due to be named the Nürburgring Edition.

The LFA supercar has been an outrageously illogical exercise for Toyota.

Firstly, its development cycle stalled numerous times (mostly waiting for a Toyota F1 victory as marketing rationale) which ensured LFA took a full five years to germinate from concept car to production.

Secondly, it’s hideously expensive at $375 00 – even for a supercar boasting the best contemporary technology, which the LFA does.

So, in an attempt to make the LFA range even more perplexing there is now a special edition version (is that really necessary?) of the Nipponese supercar in the works.

Most notable styling change is the fixed rear wing instead of the stock LFA's retractable unit.

No name yet, but you know where it's going...

Although the special edition LFA has not been officially christened yet, the car’s endurance racing debut at the Nürburgring in May could cue just enough of a heritage marker to ensure the ‘special’ LFA is monikered with an Eifel mountain circuit reference.

In term of specification there’s not much Lexus can do – considering the fantastic levels of engineering integrity the stock LFA possesses.

With regards to styling the special edition car will feature new multi-spoke alloys rolling semi-slick tyres (don’t take it to the shopping mall if it’s raining) and a larger fixed rear wing complemented by a new front splitter to ensure optimal airflow management.

Engine speed warning zone coloured in on the wrong side of 9 000r/min. TFT display a necessity due to the engine's crankspeed characteristics - which are too quick for an analogue engine speed dial...

A touch quicker - perhaps?

Mechanically the epic 4.8l hand built V10 engine still breathes via a trick Yamaha fettled cylinder head and churns mostly titanium internals. Thanks to some recalibration the special edition LFAs will boast a negligible 7kW increase in power, which bumps the peak output to 425kW…

To harness this rather inconsequential increase in engine performance the LFA’s six-speed (single clutch) transaxle transmission sees its shift regime reprogrammed to ensure 0.2 second quicker gear change times.

The special edition LFA is expected to be finished in a range of four colours - black, matte black, whitest white and orange. So no – you can’t have a red one…

There’s no word on price or exact volume yet, but the special edition derivatives will not add to the projected total production run of 500 LFA units. Exclusivity therefore, is guaranteed…


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