Latest Western Cape crash videos

2012-09-25 11:27

Cape Town - In December 2011, the Western Cape's Safely Home campaign launched a series of videos showing crashes and road incidents in the province. The aim of the campaign is  to highlight the dangers of reckless driving by showing CCTV footage of real serious collisions.

In September 2012 Cape Transport and Public Works launched its next series of videos as part of its viral safety campaign.

According to Western Cape transport minister Robin Carlisle, the videos are the latest instalment of a campaign to educate the public on the violence behind crashes caused by irresponsible and reckless road use.

We now have the videos and they're quite an eye-opener for complacent drivers in the province.

Click on the links to view the videos:
Crash witness September 2012 Video 1
Crash witness September 2012 Video 2
Crash witness September 2012 Video 3

Carlise said: “The hundreds of comments we received about Crash Witness have helped shape road safety policy, including recent proposals for new provincial regulations regarding child safety, speed limits and school transport. We simply cannot ignore the very serious message conveyed by these videos.

"Turning a blind eye to the dangers of reckless and irresponsible road use will invariably mean that more and more lives are lost on our roads on a daily basis."

According to the Safely Home campaign website, 90 people were killed on the Western Cape's roads in August 2012.

As more videos are released we'll published them on Wheels24. Please email us should you indentify the incidents or their location.

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Watch the first instalment below:


  • kingswing69 - 2012-09-25 12:05

    very sad . i see people go through robots every single day of my life ,wether the robos are red . or off , people dont car , dont even slow down , the worst part is the cops dont do anything

  • tarservices - 2012-09-25 16:08

    I am currently using video vootage in order to reconstruct motor vehicle accidents. I am able to analize the vootage in order to determine speed, perseption/ reaction time and so on.

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