Kiss good-bye to pothole worry?

2012-06-01 13:29

If your car's fitted with tyres that seem to invite pothole-related injuries, fret no more – there’s an all-new Michelin in town that claims to be pothole-resistant.

The Michelin Energy XM2 Tyre, which succeeds Michelin’s Energy Saver, has undergone a series of extreme road performance tests and, the tyre-maker says, is “exceedingly adaptable to unpredictable road hazards” yet gives "superb" road-holding.

The XM2 incorporates Michelin’s IronFlex technology that is said to make it more resistant to road imperfections and more resilient to absorb road lumps and bumps.

Joe du Plooy of Tiger Wheel & Tyre said: "This tyre has not only proved intensely adaptable to all kinds of road extremities but also carries a one-year Michelin pothole resistance guarantee.

"While Michelin has always been synonymous with safety and performance, the Michelin Energy XM2 has certainly raised the bar and has taken its brand promise to the next level, with improved tyre longevity."

The Michelin Energy XM2 tyre is available from all Tiger Wheel & Tyre stores in South Africa, in sizes 13 to 16”.