Hollywood gunman fires on cars

2011-12-12 09:55

LOS ANGELES, California - A gunman has been shot dead by police after firing on vehicles on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, critically injuring one person.

LA Police Department spokesman Gregory Baek said: "The man was randomly shooting at vehicles and people. Police responded and the suspect was shot and killed."

One victim was and taken to hospital, Baek added. The Los Angeles Times reported that the victim was hit in the head and critically injured.

Oscar Herrera witnessed the gunman walking in the middle of the road with his gun pointed in the air and firing at passing cars.


Herrera said: "I saw a Mercedes making a turn from Sunset into Vine and he looked at him, and he started shooting at him, hit the car. Then, another car went by and he shot (at) him too. Another car goes northbound on Vine, and he shot at that one, too.

"So, then he turned around, and was going back, shooting. I guess he ran out of bullets, so he took out his knife and he put the gun in his waist and he walked down there.

"That's when a policeman came this way, near the bank, and he saw him with the knife and the gun (and) he started shooting at him like maybe four or five times.

The incident snarled traffic in the area after police sealed off several blocks.

Herrera said the gunman shouted" "Kill me, I'm gonna die."

The police officer obliged.

Watch the video:


  • Ryan - 2011-12-12 16:20

    This guy went through all the hassle of trying to be killed, yet he had a loaded gun and still couldn't work out the quickest route to get what he wanted was in his own hands the entire time. Numpty.

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