Half-price fines for PMB drivers

2012-01-27 11:44

Drivers who have offended in Pietermaritzburg in the past couple of years have been urged to make use of a six-month cut-price amnesty.

From February 1 to July 31, 2012, drivers who incurred the Wrath of Plod through 2009 to the present will get a 50% discount on the ticketed penalty. Which, of course, sucks for those folk who promptly admitted their transgression and, like good burghers, paid up.

Isn't there a moral problem there - or does it just prove that municipalities issue fines for the income, not for traffic control and road safety? And, of course, if you transgressed but didn't get a personal, signed-for summons to appear in court, you don't need to pay at all.


PMB's mayor, one Chris Ndlela, has this view: "We want to plead with everybody who knows they owe the municipality to come forward and settle because such a chance may not be available for a very long time."

Well, no, it won't Chris - it's for six months, as your own municipality has pointed out. And in any case, you have to be kidding...

The move is intended to help collect penalties totalling R51-million that have been piling up since 2009. The municipality has received more than R7-million in traffic fines since 2009.

The amnesty has been approved by the director of public prosecutions and is for traffic offences allegedly committed through 2009, 2010 and 2011. New offenders who settle their penalties within 32 days will receive a 50% discount too, the city said.

Now that's a fair deal, Chris.


  • Trevor - 2012-01-28 14:16

    Just proves once again that traffic fines have absolutely BUGGERALL to do with law and order, it's a pure form of INCOME/TAX...go read up on the budget of your municipality, they BUDGET X amount for fines to run the corrupt....sorry, municipality and the last I looked, it's illegal to profit from criminal offenses.......so.....LOL...

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