Hail Caesar! R350k Roman-era fine?

2011-10-27 11:36

Parking tickets, much like speeding fines, are unwelcome even when the tab is R250. So what happens when you get one for R350 000?

Most "offenders" would probably need smelling salts but an Italian woman got seriously ill.

Sicilian police issued the hefty fine for illegal parking but a clerical upstuff added interest for 2000 years.


According to Italy's La Repubblica, the policeman issued the fine and dated it 208 instead of 2008 and interest was backdated for all those centuries.

Understandably, the offending driver was baffled to receive a fine that could have been issued to a Roman chariot and had to be taken to hospital.

Authorities later acknowledged their error and the woman's husband duly paid the actual amount - the equivalent of a moderate R1120.