Mazda cashes in on FSH... FSH?

2011-11-07 12:35

It’s no secret that cars with a full service history are easier to sell but do you know just by HOW MUCH that history can boost your selling price?

A study by ICM Research shows a full service history (FSH) can increase a car’s value by as much as 26% and a third of potential buyers said they'd be reluctant to buy without a history.


Also, greater value is placed on FSH cars from a franchised dealer than your local garage - only 32% rated a car at the same value when serviced by an independent. Using a franchised dealer has additional benefits, such as genuine parts with warranties.

However, Mazda UK is taking things a step further with its digital service record that replaces the old service book most of you out leave in the glove box and ignore.


Mazda UK is reaping the benefits of its digital system, proclaiming it more secure than the traditional paper record that "can be falsified". It also allows dealers instant validaton of warranty repairs, securely log a vehicle’s odo reading and check additional work that has been carried out.

The detailed database allows dealers to send service reminders to owners and keep in touch with owners who may have sold their Mazda.  

Sounds like a good deal, then, since DSR has been in use there for the past five years for any Mazda sold since 1998, so why haven’t more brands cottoned on?

Wheels24 has contacted Mazda's South African representatives about the possibility of a local digital service record system. We await their response.