Goodyear's tyre-tracking tech

2012-03-27 06:30

Goodyear has introduced its first commercial microchip tracking in tyres.

The new Goodyear regional RHT II RFID (Radio Frequency Identity) 435/50R19.5 trailer tyre has a microchip built into it which allows fleet operators greater security and improved tyre management.

Monitoring tyres can be a slow process as each tyre has to be identified by its sidewall markings, which are often not easy to see due to dirt or scuffing.


The RFID unit allows for quick identification of tyres by passing a hand-held scanner linked to a electronic database around the sidewall.

Other benifits included tracing tyres if they have been stolen and they can be monitored throughout their use, including retreading.

The reason that the size 435/50R19.5 was selected for RFID fitment is that it is the most popular tyre size among "megatrailer" operators, allowing maximum volume within the European four-meter trailer height limit. 

The microchip is built into the tyre on the assembly line and is programmed with a unique code that identifies it.

In practice, a tyre dealerhip or fleet operator can quickly scan all RFID tyres and record the details electronically.

  • Colin - 2012-03-27 18:27

    can we have some technology for tracking copper.

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