Gauteng toll roads ready to beep

2012-04-04 08:54

Johannesburg - Live testing of Gauteng's electronic toll transactions for vehicles with e-tag accounts is about to start.

The SA National Roads Agency Ltd (Sanral) said on April 4, 2012: "Road users registered for Gauteng e-tolling and with an e-tag on their vehicle are advised that their e-tags will start beeping as they pass beneath toll gantries."

That, Sanral says, should happen on Thursday, April 6, and the test has been scheduled to run in phases - not all toll gantries will be switched on simultaneously.

Reassuringly, Sanral added: "During this test phase, no funds will be deducted from road users' accounts."


Sanral says the e-tags are supposed to beep once to show a toll has succeeded (without costing anything). More than one beep, or no beep at all, will require a phone call to the e-toll call centre (0800-726-725) or a visit an e-toll customer service shop. Bad beeps or no beeps could mean a problem with the user's e-toll account or the e-tag itself. It could, of course, also mean the gantry is not live...

The same beeping will occur on the Bakwena toll road north of Pretoria.

Sanral added: "Beeping on the Bakwena toll road is also part of this test phase, meaning the road users' accounts are not yet active and no funds will be deducted."


When tolling starts for real on April 30, 2012 e-tags will emit three types of beep - one for a successful transaction, two if funds in the person's e-toll account are low, or four (or none at all) if a transaction fails. Two, four or no beeps - again, ring the call centre or visit a service shop.

"Road users are reminded that the e-tag is optional and also entitles them to various discounts on their toll tariffs," Sanral said. "That includes the 48% e-tag discount.. Frequent-user discounts and the R550 monthly toll-fee cap will also be available to motorcycles and light motor vehicles fitted with an e-tag.

"Sanral will ensure that the testing phase is not disruptive."


  • flysouth - 2012-04-04 16:10

    ROFLMAO!!!!!! I do not think I will bother listening for the beeps - I will never own such a thing as an e-tag! SANRAL - phukc off and die!

  • Johnathon - 2012-04-04 17:57

    I have a sinking feeling in my stomach, that come 30th April, and toll roads are full of thug "peace officers" and Metro Cops are stopping you at off ramps, all the bravado shown in the e-toll comments, may suddenly disappear. No E-TAG is a given, as it is not compulsory anyway. If those with no e-tags, just have courage for the first three months of tolling, and do not respond to any threat fines and letters, and e-toll accounts sent to them are ignored, just for the first three months, then sit back and see if SANRAL is able to sort out the chaos of unpaid tolls. If we hear that they cannot cope with reining in toll defaulters, then the non payment can go on for say a further six months. If SANRAL still not able to sort out the mess, then motorists, we will all be home and dry. That first three months of non-payment will be critical. We can then all see what their solutions and actions will be. This is the first chance the country has had to express its feelings of no more taxes. The Government will have to learn to survive on current tax income. This may involve down scaling of the Civil Service, and drastic reductions in high salaries, extravagant perks, and sinful waste of tax payers money. Let them realise, that the countries tax payers’ pockets have been sucked dry. Do not panic and let SANRALS intimidation break you.

  • Jan - 2012-04-04 21:40

    There won't be alot of beeping on the roads this month.....

  • Johnathon - 2012-04-05 08:47

    SANRAL becomes more of a joke as each day passes by. This article says that if your e-tag beeps more than once, then it is not working correctly, and the motorist must phone SANRAL immediately on the supplied number, so that the problem can be sorted out. If e-tag faulty, who gives a damn. Then your account will not be debited, while you have followed all their registration procedures, bought an e-tag, and according to their rules, therefore perfectly legal to use the toll roads. If Metro police stop you, no problems, as you have complied fully. If e-tag not working, what a pleasure. No money will be taken off your account. Why should you ever bother to rectify the fault. Also if e-tag beeps twice, then you have insufficient money in your SANRAL debit account. SANRAL expects you to go to your bank manager, cap in hand, and beg and plead with him, to give you a bank overdraft, at exorbitant interest rates, so that you can pay SANRAL. Their naivety is unbelievable. Remember: NO E-TAG EVER EVER EVER.

  • Frank - 2012-04-05 14:54

    if you buy an e-tag ,i`m sorry,your`e dof.i see a major f-up coming for those registered.sanral can take thier e-tag and shove it sideways...

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