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GT9-R wants to be world's fastest

2009-12-18 08:01
Although 9ff’s 911-based supercars are hardly the last word in aesthetic elegance, they are awfully fast.

Bugatti Veyron besting fast in fact.

The Dortmund-based tuner (or if you wish to be pedantic, it’s probably a manufacturer all things considered) has leaked details of its forthcoming flagship, the GT9-R.

This Porsche 911-based hypercar promises to be one of those cars which you would have to crazy to build – and even madder to own, let alone drive.

Do we have lift-off?

Last year, 9ff triumphantly broke the Bugatti Veyron's record by recording a speed of 408.7km/h in its GT9 hypercar. As an aside, this achievement also set the record of the world's fastest speed on street-legal tires.

There was one thing which grated the 9ff crew about their dual-record. The GT9-R's speed was still shy of the SSC Ultimate Aero's outright record of 411.76km/h - achieved on competition tyres, obviously.

Now 9ff has upped the ante with a newer, more intense, GT9-R – aiming to claim the outright speed title.

Aerodynamic paraphernalia not the last word in aesthetic elegance - not that you'd mind at speeds over 400km/h...

Very disturbing numbers

Jan Fatthauer, 9ff's boss, is clearly aiming to wrest each and every speed title he can from the production car record book.

To this end the revised range of production GT9-Rs will be available in three states of tune – a mellow 552-, quick 726- and apocalyptic 823kW version.

Although 9ff slide six forged pistons (running off titanium con-rods) into the 4l twin-turbo flat-six engine, we can’t help but marvel at how everything stays together considering the outputs on offer.

If you’re after 418km/h (claimed) bragging rights, the 823kW/1050Nm GT9-R is the one you need to tick on the 9ff order form. It’s pretty good through the gears too, blitzing 0-100km/h in 2.9 sec and 0-300km/h in 14.9 seconds.

You had better be quick with the substantial (prices unconfirmed) money transfer to 9ff, as only 20 of these 823kW GT9-Rs will be built.

911 GT3 silhouette is still visible. Performance is on another planet altogether though.

Automatic convenience for commuting?

If you miss 20-vehicle 823kW production run you’ll unfortunately have to settle for the mellower GT9-Rs, like the 409km/h, 726kW, mid-range model or (heaven forbid the embarrassment) a 380km/h, 552kW, version.

True to form the least powerful incarnation of the GT9-R comes with an optional dual-pedal five-speed Tiptronic transmission.

The range of individual customer tailoring reflects the level of performance on offer as it promises to be virtually infinite.

An obsessive range of airflow management aids and surfacing options are available for the 911 GT3 based bodywork, which, thanks to its carbon-fibre and Kevlar construction, ensures the GT9-R’s total mass is only 1 325kg.

Exactely when Jan Fatthauer's 9ff will team attempt to unseat the SSC Ultimate Aero from its record position next year is still unclear.

In keeping with the GT9-R's streetcar billing (or attempt at) any record attempt will in all probability happen on a closed off section of the French autoroute, not the high-speed European ovals of Papenburg or Nardo


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