GM to boost count on IT crews

2012-07-13 11:17

General Motors plans to hire thousands of information technology (IT) workers over the next three to five years as it "insoucres" its IT operations in a bid to reduce costs.

Currently 90% of GM's IT operation is handled by people outside the company; GM's global IT workforce totals 1500 staff. Randy Mott, GM's new vice-president for IT and chief information officer, wants 90% of GM's IT operations to be handled by in-house employees.

He expects the change will reduce costs and aims to attract recent college graduates for many of its IT jobs.


Mott said the move to insource IT jobs comes as the automaker wants to increase the numbers of IT people working on new business solutions instead of just supporting the business. About 75% of GM's in-house and outsourced IT staff support the business but only 25% work on innovation.

The plan also includes reducing GM's 23 global data centers to two, based in Michigan, US. The aim is to create new software development centres in the US and reduce the company's 4000 applications, many of which are redundant.

"We want to simplify the environment in which we run so it takes less effort to do that and at the same time drive more capability to our business."


One of the data centres will be in Warren, where GM is spending R1-billion to house data servers, laboratories and engineering operations.

In May 2011, GM received an R83-million tax incentive to redevelop 30 acres at its Warren Tech Centre for its new IT facility. GM said in 2011 it expected to create 25 jobs at the facility. The US automaker's website lists more than 200 IT related job openings.

The website states: "We're currently undergoing one of the largest information technology transformations in the history of the automotive industry."

  • trevorlbennett - 2012-07-13 14:19

    Great stuff, let me polish my CV :-)

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