Funeral plots for a Volksie?

2012-06-07 09:54

If you’re passionate about getting hold of a classic set of wheels you’ll pretty much offer anything, within reason, to purchase your ride. Sadly there are those among us who interpret “interesting” trade offer to “weird” barter.

An advert posted on the Texas Craigslist shows a bizarre trade offer – as many as four grave sites for a classic Volkswagen Microbus.

The man wants an old-school Volksie bus and he’s willing to trade up to four “premium” funeral plots, side by side, to get his hands on one regardless of condition. The ad says he will entertain any offer, so if you have an equally bizarre trade-in (perhaps coffins?) you should get a hold of him and place your offer.


The ad reads: “I am looking for a bus. Really any year prior to the vanagons and Eurovan. I am interested in a project or a fully restored. I am willing to trade up to 4 (four) cemetery plots at Forest Park in Webster. These are premium plots that can be transferred into your name. They are all 4 side by side. The number of plots I am willing to offer depends on how much your bus is worth.

“These plots go for around $3000 each if you buy them from Forest Park. If you bought them from an owner, the price would be much lower. In short, don’t be afraid to make an offer. I will entertain all offers.”