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Frugal Passat in (Blue)Motion

2007-02-14 10:16
Volkswagen has announced plans to reveal its fuel-sipping Passat BlueMotion (it consumes just 5.1 l/100km) at next month?s Geneva Motor Show.

As part of the drive by global automotive manufacturers to keep fuel consumption and emissions down, Volkswagen will showcase its Passat using BlueMotion technology at the Geneva show.

The Passat delivers a fuel index of just 5.1 l/100 km (the Estate has a fuel consumption figure of 5.2 l/100km), and according to the manufacturer both versions have a range of up to 1 350 km on a fuel tank.

These low figures are achieved through further tuning of the three cylinder 1.4-litre direct injection turbodiesel engine fitted with a standard diesel particulate filter and producing 77kW. However, this does not indicate that the Passat will be a pushover - expect the sedan to accelerate to 193 km/h, while the estate should be capable of a 193-km/h top speed.

The mid-sized sedan follows the Polo BlueMotion as the second model from Wolfsburg to be introduced using this technology. The BlueMotion label will be used to demote the most fuel efficient version within each Volkswagen range and similar models are being planned for the Golf and Touran ranges.


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