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Ford takes revenge on Ferrari

2011-02-01 08:01

CRUSHING REALITY: An American Ford F-150 owner appears to have taken exception to Ferrari naming its new F1 car the F150...

More than a few eyebrows were raised when Ferrari launched its 2011 F1 car - and it was all in a name.

Called the F150, this latest Ferrari F1 challenger draws a coincidental reference to America’s best-selling vehicle, Ford’s F-150 bakkie.

To add credence to this interplay of irony an unfortunate collision happened in Branton, Florida, involving one of Maranello’s finest and, you’ve guessed it, a Ford F-150 bakkie.

It appears the owner of a double-cab F150 (on obligatory chromed rims) did not see the low-slung 458 Italia when turning so managed to get a left front-wheel nicely rolled up and on to the 458’s nose.

Despite the 458 establishing quite an unenviable reputation as an automotive fire hazard since its introduction, Ferrari’s mid-engined V8 supercar’s composite construction does seem to be quite tough.

Tough enough, even, to support a burly double-cab’s impromptu parking tactics...

The Ferrari 458 involved in this rather bizarre accident had less than 800km registered on its digital odometer and was only in its third week of ownership.


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