Ford Mustang - the Pony Car

2013-06-13 11:35

Small children and old men cannot get enough of the venerable Pony Car. It's about as subtle as a sledgehammer but that's exactly the point because when you're choosing a Dads' Car it doesn't matter what people think.

Watch video here

If the Mustang's sheer scale doesn't turn heads its V8 burble will. Of course, for any self-respecting dad, the Holy Grail is a Bullitt-spec replica as driven by the saintly Steve McQueen. But pretty much any Mustang will do, provided it's a V8.

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  • Ben - 2013-06-18 08:51

    Pic not a mustang. It's a Camero.. THIS is a Mustang....Mmmmmmm http://www.boldride.com/ride/1965/ford-mustang-fastback-cammer

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