E-tags: Now you DON'T need one

2012-04-03 14:30

Johannesburg - Motorists are NOT obliged to buy an e-tag to travel on Gauteng's roads, the SA National Roads Agency Limited has retorted to earlier reports saying the opposite.

It said in a statement: "Sanral would like to clarify to road users that it is not compulsory for road users to buy an e-tag for Gauteng e-tolling. Registering with an e-tag is optional.”

It was reported earlier that Sanral was attempting to legally force motorists to buy an e-tag or lose their driving licence.


"Road users are therefore not forced to buy an e-tag but are encouraged to obtain one to enjoy the cost-saving benefits available to e-tag users." That included a 48% e-tag discount and a frequent-user discount.

It was reported that draft changes to the National Roads Act Regulations - pertaining to e-tolling - were submitted to a few parties late last week with a request that comment be received within 20 days of publication.

If instituted, it would give "peace officers" the power to stop cars and demand to see a driving licence and to produce any other tag or document required.


The Democratic Alliance said the regulations sought to give Sanral CEO Nazir Alli the power to appoint his own police force to ensure toll compliance.

DA transport spokesman Neil Campbell said: "The regulations allow the CEO to appoint peace officers who will have sweeping powers to stop, search and confiscate any document found in the vehicle, including drivers' licences, at their sole discretion.

"The legality of summarily confiscating a document, required by law to be in a driver's possession, must be tested.”

He added that, considering action had been taken against the tolls in court and with the National Consumer Commission, “the legislation could be considered an act of desperation to intimidate motorists into accepting this unjust tax”.

Campbell added: "At the very best the draft is an over-reaction to the toll dilemma which Alli and the minister have created for themselves. It's appalling to create a police force merely to enforce unjust taxes.”

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  • Shane - 2012-04-04 10:00

    I think the issue is that charging for a stretch of road that already existed, charging a fuel levy on petrol/diesel, adding an extra lane by taking away the emergency lane and causing more stress for gauteng drivers (as if there isnt enough of that) because SANRAL F@ck3d up is... for lack of better words, criminal.

  • tinush - 2012-04-04 10:27

    Average South African: "I fitted an e-tag to my car, but it isn't beeping when I drive through gantries. Is there something wrong with the e-tag or is it that the gantries aren't operational yet?" Sanral: "You fitted it wrong. You are supposed to lube it up with vaseline and then insert it into your anus..."

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