Durban taximan 'owes R274 000'

2012-06-07 07:29

DURBAN - Taxi drivers in this holiday city are the worst traffic offenders in the nation and so owe the city R3.6-million in unpaid traffic fines - one of them a whopping R274 000.

The Daily News online reported on Wednesday that police have issued a warrant of arrest for the man who has accumulated (so far) 538 fines ranging from speeding and overloading to driving through a red traffic light.

He was at the top of the list of the 30 worst offenders in Durban.


Drivers belonging to a fleet of taxis registered to GLAYER ZN collectively owe the city R1.3-million, the News reports.

Metro police spokesman Eugene Msomi said minibus taxi drivers often had more outstanding fines because they had more than one driver; others absconded after accumulating several traffic fines.

“They know that the lifespan of a warrant is only two years so they move from one city to the next,” he was quoted as saying by the Daily News online.

In total, Durban road users have accumulated R1.3-billion in unpaid traffic fines since 2005, including R100-million so far in 2012.